Lyrics for new album “Live Today”

January 1, 2014 shaindelantelis
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A Friend

Thank you for picking up the phone
I was feeling so alone
but you knew just what to say
what to say
a listening ear a helping hand
just someone who understands
can take the dark clouds away
and I can’t thank you enough
for lifting me up when I get stuck

you’re a friend always there for me
like a lovely melody
you give not expecting anything in return
a friend always by my side
even on the bumpy rides
how am I so lucky to have you
in my life in my life
today I was in a daze
hoping that it was just a phase
but I felt like this last week too
but you always read my thoughts
and you free me when I’m caught up in nothing
even when we’re busy and don’t speak in three months
you’ll always have a place in my heart
 I know that nothing can take this bond away
no matter how long we’re apart.

Back On The Ground

I’m not sure how I got here
now everything’s so unclear
just want this dark night to pass
so many life choices and just as many voices
why doesn’t the sunlight last
and every step feels like a run
I want to finish but I’ve just begun
and i can see the light
but it’s so far away
I won’t stop now til’ I find my way

cuz the destination it just keeps on changing
like an escalator going up going down
I thought that I made it
but I have to recreate it
gotta get my feet back on the ground
on the ground

I’m asking every question
getting lots of suggestions
that make my head spin even more
it’s so hard to find the middle
and I tend to belittle myself
when I see I’ll never be like everyone else

life is a push and pull
constantly back and forth
dust yourself off and get right back up
when you feel like you’re getting
stuck in the tide
G-d will help you when you’ve had enough.

Holding On Forever

No one said that butterflies were born with wings
no one said that simple people wake up as kings
it’s not about the details of your situation
everyone’s got problems it’s just how you face them


I may not know all of the answers
I may not read all of the signs
but in my heart I feel the power
cuz’ Your words are divine
what would my life be like without You
Oh just the thought it scares me so
Hashem I’m holding on forever
I’m never letting go

I used to want to take a stroll down easy street
but now i know you gotta work to earn your keep
life’s about the ups and downs
the highs the lows the spinning round
looking deeper getting lost and found
getting lost and found

people can say whatever they like
but You’re my king and You run my life
I believe in You and everything You do
whether it’s light or dark as night.

The Palace

The city is no place for princesses
wandering to find their way
I really want to know what to make of this
so many are going astray
know that you’re not alone
G-d’s waiting for you at His throne

I’m ready to enter the palace
won’t You judge me favorably
help me live peacefully
I’m ready to enter the palace
and all I want to be
is what You ask of me

as I walk down the streets I see
so many people just trying to make ends meet
life isn’t simple
so many princesses and queens
noblemen and kings
all living in false realities

Your will is my will
do it yes i will
cuz’ no distance is too far
and Your love is so pure
even though I’m unsure
but no decree is too harsh.

The Middle

It’s about time that I got to know myself
I’m really tired of feeling like I’m someone else
in this world of colors we all get lost sometimes
as you paint your picture there’s so much that you will find


and you’ll learn a little laugh a little
sometimes you’re stuck in the middle
that’s life
the rain is pouring from the sky
and you can’t help but wonder why
why can’t I fly

as I look around I see so much that I don’t know
I wish it didn’t have to be so hard to grow
don’t hide away come one let your colors show
I wish you could see
that you’re so beautiful

your wings aren’t strong enough yet
but don’t be down don’t forget
every day you can start anew
so forgive yourself don’t regret
you’ll be great you’ll pass the test
believe in yourself
just believe in yourself.

Live Today

I’ve been searching for meaning in my life
and I’m always questioning
will I ever get it right
I’m trying so hard to find the path
that I know I must take
but I really don’t want to make anymore mistakes


I’m not gonna cry not gonna wonder why
nothing makes sense right now
and I’m done with worrying about what’s happening
G-d will help me through somehow
and there’ll be no more tears
I’m facing all my fears
cuz’ today is today live in the moment live today

G-d I know You have a plan for me
wish I knew what it was
lately I’ve been running around in circles just because
Don’t want to sink I want to swim
but I don’t know where to begin
will You carry me if i jump into the water father

and tomorrow’s a new story but today is what I have
don’t want to waste another second
I’ve done way too much of that.

Gam Ki Eileich

Mizmor lidavid Hashem royi lo echsar
benos deshe yarbitzeini
el me menuchos yenahaleini
nafshi yeshovev yancheni bemaglei
tzedek liman shimo

gam ki eileich bgei tzalmaves
lo irah rah ki Atah imadi
shiftichu umishantecha
hema yenachamuni
taroch lifunai shulchun neged tzorirai
dishanta bashemen roshi kosi revaya
ach tov vichesed yurdifunie
kol yimei chayay vishavti
bibeis Hashem liorech yamim

A Sister’s Love

You may just know me better than I know myself
and you never waste a second
when I tell you I need help
we can talk for hours we can laugh all day
we have a special power
and I hope it never goes away

I’ll be your shelter in the night
when things go wrong I’ll make them right
you’re my sister you’re my friend
and I’ll be there til’ the end
when you need my I’ll be there
because no one can compare
you’re my sister you’re my friend
forever and always til’ the end

you’ve seen every part of me
there’s nothing like family
I hope that I can give you back
the love you share with me
we’ve seen highs and we’ve seen lows
but that only made our love grow
you bring me so much happiness
you give your all and nothing less

so I’ll take some tea for two
anything if I’m with you
grab your shoes let’s take a walk
I still love you even if you steal my socks
you’re so beautiful you are you so perfectly
I just hope that you can see
just how much you mean to me.


It’s the first day in a town so far away
don’t worry things will be great
well that joy came a little late
in school nobody said hello
she felt so hurt and nobody knows


am I invisible
does anyone care Is anyone there
I wish that I could disappear
to anywhere but here
anywhere but here

the snow is gone the flowers smell so strong
as the bus pulls away
the child asks can I play
the girls say no not today
will I ever be accepted
why do I always feel rejected

Just let go of the hurt
realize how much you’re worth
everyone feels alone sometimes
but I’ll be your friend
and you’ll be mine

you’re not invisible
somebody cares somebody’s there
so please don’t ever disappear
stay right here
stay right here
forever and ever
just don’t give up on yourself
and never no never
wish that you were somebody else
you’re perfect just like you.

You Get Me Through

Been sitting here
for way too long
trying to figure out
just what went wrong
and the future is so unclear
I try to run but don’t get anywhere


but You always get me through
I must admit I havn’t got a clue
I don;t get this world
and I don’t get myself
so I’m begging You for help
G-d I’m begging you for help

keep thinking the same thoughts
over and over again
is this the life I’m meant to live
I really wish this pain would end
and I keep trying but don’t get past step one
and I’m always crying for some reason

running in circles doesn’t get me very far
I’m starting to get dizzy
and can’t control this car
you think I’d know by now
where to take my life
but the shoe never fits
and nothing feels right.

Coming Back To Me

It seems to me that I had the wrong
picture in my mind
picture in my mind
and it seems to be that it’s all here
everything I’m trying to find
everything I’m trying to find
and I know it’s never simple
every choice every detail
makes a difference
I think I know what I’ve been missing


and I’m coming back to me
trying to find the truth
cuz’ living in a box
isn’t something that I want to do
now I can see the trees and all the flowers bloom
I’m paving my own way
while singing my favorite tune

open up the window take a deep breath
and just try to let go
just try to let go
all of these distractions always bring me down
and I can’t seem to get away
can’t get up off the ground

I should have listened to the voice in my heart
saying be proud of who you are
don’t you know you’ve come so far
why do we struggle to feel like we’re worth it
well I can see you and I think you’re perfect.

It’s Not Over

It’s not over until I finish this race
It’s not over until I learn to embrace
it seems that I keep making
all of the same mistakes
what will it take for me
to finally find my way


it’s not over until I finish this race

It’s not over until I learn to embrace

who I am and who I’ll be

it’s not over yet for me

It’s just too comfortable that it’s sad
cuz’ I feel like I’m here to stay
cuz’ I’ve been sitting here
in this room for the past
three hundred and sixty five days

oh never gonna stop now
oh gonna reach the top now
even if I fall down a thousand times
oh yeah I’ve been waiting
oh I feel I’m fading
but I’m never gonna give up
I’ll be alright I know
I’ll be just fine I hope.

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